Welcome to Vin's Online Portfolio Work Samples.


I'm Arvin Valenzuela, a freelance illustrator/3D graphic artist from Manila, Philippines and this is my site which contains my work samples / online portfolio. I am currently updating and rebuilding my portfolio so pardon me if this webpage looks incomplete (my illustrations samples) and my outdated 2D animation and 3D samples because I've lost my old work samples before due to my
old external hard drive failing to respond to my laptop, it conked out. However, I still have my most recent work samples so feel free to browse and check it out and if you think my work fits your needs, then contact me, send me an email and let's see if we can work together on something.

*right-click on the links on the left sidebar and then click open on a new tab, it will take you to an entirely different sites (Flickr and Vimeo) which where I've uploaded my image/video work samples so that I can save the bandwidth of my website.

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I've already spent a couple of years already making indie/webcomics on my spare time whenever I don't have any freelance gigs and I consider these comics my pride and joy.

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